Austrian teens girls have tired of Jihad vacation

Tired of their Middle East vacation of beatings, sexual depravity by Muslim animals, and honor killings, two pregnant teens are ready to return to the real-world War on Women.

It seems the two now feel duped by their Muslim boyfriends-turned-husbands who convinced them to go to Syria so they could learn about the true “peace” of Islam by joining the jihad.

The girls now say it was a “mistake.” What? Like wearing white after Labor Day? Fighting against all you have been taught to believe to go fight jihad against the civilized world is a wee bit more than a mistake…jus’ sayin’! It’s not like these girls were not aware of what pigs {apologies to pigs} these men are:


Austria doesn’t want them back, as the girls are now tainted; associated with ISIS.

Could they be carriers of some pathogen, or ISIS infiltrators?

I can’t imagine these girls’ Muslim husbands will apply NOW-generation logic and honor their women’s demands to come home. We will know more soon enough.


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