Biden’s drug-addict children

Looks like the Biden kids didn’t fall too far from the Biden family tree, at least where drugs are concerned.

I wholeheartedly believe the entire White House staff should be drug-tested, and it would be the only positive things we could credit to the Obama administration.

So it was no surprises for me to learn a bit more information about the Biden kids.


As Joe for America reports

The mainstream press is a bunch of biased scumbags. Thus, this article.

How does it feel? Not good, but it’s time to fight fire with fire:

First we read that Hunter Biden, a 44-year-old lawyer looking to pad his political resume with a Navy Reserve stint (in his 40’s for his first enrollment?) was drummed out of said Navybecause he tested positive for coke.

What kind of dumbass knows he’s going to be drug-tested and maybe his career ruined – but still has to get coked-up?

The answer is: An addict, probably.

And Joe Biden’s other kid, Ashley? Party girl – coke, pot, arrested for possession, whatever – right?

Read more about Biden’s daughter here

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