Black activists need a cop to shoot them

Where is a cop when black people need one to shoot us?!

The Life Education and Resource Network, LEARN should have staged a cop shooting of one of them, so MAYBE black Liberals and the media would be outraged at the largest killer of black children in America. Liberalism! By Liberalism, I mean the liberalization of black women (you know, the most religious of all ethnic groups).

The most dangerous place for a black child is in his mother’s womb. That situation should create outrage, however Leftists give awards for this type of murder, and the media covers that. But what they don’t cover is the other side of this issue.


That’s why the Say So March held on October October 11,12,13 by pro-life blacks  in cities nationwide to draw attention to the large numbers of blacks targeted for abortion was not covered.

1786 black babies killed DAILY by their mothers, and not a peep from the Left. However let one cop shoot a black teen, even legitimately and all hell breaks loose.

The group Marched in DC to the steps of the Supreme Court with a message, “Stop Funding Racism from Abortion.”

Here are the sobering stats: Black women are 12 percent of the population, and 37 percent of abortions.


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