Black couple trying to win the Cop Lotto

So there is a new video that supposedly captures police brutality against black people, in this case a black couple.

What it captures is black people acting ignorant hoping to win the “Cop Lotto.”

It’s evident that this couple was bucking for trouble, and $60 million dollars will make a lot of trouble go away.

There is a way to make your point while understanding the stresses involved in being a cop. For cops, every call must be approached as the worst possible situation: I could be killed.

Had these people complied with the instructions of the police, this situation doesn’t exist. Somebody in the car took the time to video, and the cop could obviously see the video being made. The cop changed nothing about his behavior, and as far as I’m concerned acted appropriately.

I hope the city counter-sues, but the likelihood is they will settle this “nuisance suit” for less than $25,ooo. If they do this, it will set the precedent that antagonizing the cops can get you paid.

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