Black state senator almost shot

A black state senator took her life in  her own hands going into the hot zone of Ferguson Missouri.

Jamilah Nasheed took a loaded 9mm weapon to a municipality where the cops supposedly shoot black people for just being black…AND SHE LIVED!

Nasheed said that she wanted to get arrested, and she did. The arresting officer said that Nasheed appeared to have been drinking, but Nasheed refused to take a breathalyzer…AND SHE LIVED!


Nasheed confided that she carries a gun ALL THE TIME, saying [pp], “I carry my gun with me all the time. It’s a dangerous world out there.”

Yes it is, Jamilah, and she is the person making it more dangerous.

For Nasheed, Ferguson is a big publicity stunt. She wants to say she is down with the people, or what the Left would like to make a new Civil Rights movement. It would be fitting that racist Leftist would equate the killing of a thug with Martin Luther King, Jr’s pursuit of justice against racist, powerful Democrats.

America craves leadership like MLK, Jr. The problem is the people who believe they can fill the void are not looking to solve problems, but to compound them.

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