America’s borders closed for this ethnic group

Our politicians will allow a deadly pathogen like Ebola, but white collar criminals are not welcome.

Apparently Congress doesn’t like competition! And that’s why the United States government has updated its list of forbidden persons , adding some Hungarians.

The Department of Justice alleges that these Hungarians have been engaged in or have benefited from corruption.

The Hungarians wants the US government to provide them evidence. If it’s anything like the other recent requests made of the government, these people will be waiting a while.

I’m amazed that the government has the gall to make such a move, given the level of corruption in our government already. It’s not like the Hungarians must be state-side to be corrupt. Look at the Russians, and we have all received a “You won the lotto,” for various African countries.

I’m not condoning bringing criminals into the country, but I find it disingenuous that a government who wants to allow 20 million illegals already here citizenship, and condones an open border policy suddenly gets scruples?

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