Brown’s blood found in cop’s car and clothes

People are afraid to admit that after viewing the videotape of Michael Brown robbing the convenience store, they know he died a thug. Michael Brown’s actions led to his death…period.

And the people who have supported him are thug-enablers, most wanting to vent at their miserable lives, and others wanting to appear “tolerant” to the thug life, condoning the looting and other idiotic activities to date.

Ignorant white people marching with ignorant black Liberals over nonsense that happens every day.


The story never fit. No average size white cop patrolling in a black neighborhood grabs 6’4″ bad ass by the throat while the cop is in the car! Unless this cop was Randy Couture, he wouldn’t have done this outside of the car.

Further, the “witness” Dorian Johnson was “in the wind,” as we say in the vernacular. He was not a witness unless the back of his head or the bottom of his feet have eyes.

We reported recently that a real eye-witness testified to the grand jury that “hands up, don’t shoot,” was complete and utter BS. This is a person who has no skin in the game, pardon the racial pun. Just a person who wants the truth to be told.

And then there is that racist motor-scooter known as forensics. That sucker is even better than an eyewitness. And in this case, forensics yet again proves the account of the police.

Eric Holder’s white cop witch hunt officials have been the Aug. 9 killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. They were informed that Wilson said he was pinned in his car and punched and scratched by Brown in the moments before the shooting.

Further, forensic evidence collected from the patrol car indicated Wilson’s gun was fired twice, with one bullet striking Brown in the arm, and the other missing.

And yes, Brown’s blood was found on the gun, the interior door panel and the officer’s uniform, according to now published reports.

Let’s see how the cop-hating Left handles this. You can bet that none of the race-baiters will backtrack, as their 2014 Tawanna Brawley drops a load right in their laps.

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