The Clinton’s royal welfare baby

According to the same media who brought America the “smartest president ever,” we have now been gifted with a royal baby.

I don’t know much about the silliness of “royalty,” but what I do know is I have never seen a royal baby come out of the mountains of Appalachia.

Clintons are to royalty as Larry the Cable guy is to gentility.

Last time I checked, royal babies are not born to the “dead broke.” Poetic justice would be for the Clintons to be forced to give up this baby for adoption, and the child adopted by a lotto-winning black family, who changes the child’s name from Charlotte to Shaniqu’a.


No chance of little Shaniqu’a being adopted by blacks, not with MeMa and PePa Clinton collectively pulling down about $500,000 for an hour of speechifying.

Regardless, one thing is for sure, and that is white trash is white trash, whether in a trailer house or the White House. So why is the lamestream media selling this ridiculous “royal” narrative?

Hillary Clinton must be seen as more than just the foul-mouth, man-hating shrew, who is equally as competent as Obama. If Obama is style over substance, Hillary is vile v vile, and has no substance.

Even if Clinton doesn’t run (and she won’t), they need her to be seen as a power broker, but not bossy. They need her to be matronly {I know…gargle will get that taste out}.

Her decision to not run will be because she needs to raise her granddaughter in the ways she raised Chelsea.

Little Shaniqu’a will have to play fair, as the grandparents will not give their granddaughter all the legs up (excuse the Sandra Fluke reference) they can muster. No great education, no fat MSNBC job.

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