Romney slamming Obama…with comedy?

Lighten up, Conservatives! We are the people who know how to laugh at ourselves.

We are so good at it, that we laugh when the Left ridicules us.

Laughter works, despite Mark Levin saying on his radio show that nobody has ever asked him to be funny.

I contend that Reagan got elected on his sense of humor. Further Romney would have won in a landslide, in effect negating the cheating, had he shown his funnier side.


He proved that recently, while campaigning for GOP Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst, who is locked in a tight race with Democratic U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley. The two are competing for the seat held by retiring five-term Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin.

“They say if you’re running for office you shouldn’t tell jokes. But I’m not running for office,” Romney told the crowd in Iowa.

He went on to tell this joke:

President Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn’t have his ID. And the teller said, ‘You’ve got to prove who you are.’

He said, ‘How should I do that?’

She said, ‘the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn’t have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. We cashed his check.

And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn’t have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet — hit it onto that target time and again. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.

And she said to him, ‘Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?’

And [Obama] said, ‘I don’t have a clue.’And she said, ‘Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills?’

Joking works. Believe it or not, the person who can ridicule the best most of the time doesn’t even have to be right to win the argument.

Says political science professor Jody Baumgartner

“When jokes are made – particularly about a political figure, or a party, or a process, or an institution – people’s perceptions or opinions of the target of the joke go down,”


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