Why Democrats really hate Obama

Democrats hate Obama enough to have given him everything he wanted, essentially providing him enough rope to lynch himself.

Democrats have supported Obama at every turn including Obamacare, abortion of black babies, LGBT rights, global warming, lifetime dependency of poor and minorities on entitlements (otherwise known as free stuff), 17+ TRILLION dollars in debt, the attempted legalizing and subsidizing of illegal aliens, and a host of scandals.

For the black community it must be especially difficult to see the first black president ignore the lack of J-O-B-S, education and rampant crime in black neighborhoods, while billions go to the liberal wet dream of global warming, to name just one.


Feckless Repugnicants have the gift-wrapped opportunity to define the vision of the Democrat Party, because for the last six years we have seen the destruction of Leftists’ policies right before our very eyes, and not just in Detroit, Dorothy!

The Republicans remind me of a bunch of frat boys after an all-night kegger. They wake up at the crack of noon, and wonder why they are failing all their classes. You simply couldn’t script a better scenario for these keystone cops. Failed black icon, and policy after policy of failure that is reflecting in the polls, and in real life, Ferguson!

Post-racial Obama has America sitting on a powder keg of race issues, created by Obama and his sycophants. Obama’s Department of Justice is anything but, as is his Centers for Disease Control. His VA is killing veterans, his IRS is trying to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

Point of fact: the majority of people in the Obama administration should have been fired or jailed four years ago.

Now we have an intestine-liquefying disease, ushered in by Obama.

Welcome to America Ebola! No, I don’t need to see your papers!

Thank God for ObamaCare, because that’s certainly going to help!

Do I really need to mention Russia, China, Crimea, Iran, Arab Spring, and ISIS to declare his foreign policy a failure?

If the Republican Party can’t capitalize now, they never will. Obama has managed to get the Democrats to hate him.

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