Racist Democrats are at it again

Democrats should openly admit what they think privately: “We can do anything, and stupid black people will keep voting Democrat!”

They have printed these flyers of “Hands up, don’t shoot!” with two little girls, and are placing them on the windshield of cars parked at black churches.

The Democrats believe they are sending a message, and they are. The REAL message is that Democrats are vile racists.

The message is TARGETED at black people; meant to get a visceral reaction. Why didn’t they post these at white churches?

The message is meant to reinforce a LIE, particularly in light of developments in the Michael Brown case, where it appears that Officer Darren Wilson’s account of things is the truth.

Despite the hype and the genned up outrage, black people know the truth about crime in black neighborhoods, and who’s committing it. It may not be a public discussion by black Liberals out of fear of reprisal, but they know this is not the days of Jim Crow, and they also know that Republicans are the culprits.

The Democrats are blatantly attempting transference; to pass the buck of racism to the Republicans. Nothing this grandiose has been tried since LBJ maneuvered to be the champion of the Civil Rights Movement.

Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jay Nixon, Claire McCaskill, Lacy Clay, Jamilah Nasheed, and LIBERALISM are the real culprits here. All Democrats, who have had dominion over Ferguson. And everywhere these potential “powder kegs” exist are where Democrats are leaders. If there are riots anywhere in this country over the outcome of the Ferguson Grand Jury, the riots won’t be in Anywhere, USA; they will be where Democrats have assembled lots of black people under Democrat and likely black Democrat “leadership.”

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