Democrats reveal their KKK roots

As if the tea leaves aren’t reading bad enough for Democrats!

Despite the rancor in Ferguson, things are not as they seem for the party of the KKK.

Democrats have been pimping the death of Michael Brown, sacrificing an amazing city. And their KKK-like scare tactics won’t work.


That is why the Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition, a group of African American clergy and elected officials have had enough. Tired of the status quo and angry about “years and years of disrespect” by Democrat Party leadership, the Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition endorsed Republican Rick Stream for County Executive in a race that is a statistical dead heat.

Said Hazel Erby, [pp] “We have been too long dismissed and taken for granted.”

Surely the new ads being run by Democrats will not help their cause, and this is long overdue. The Democrat party has been taking black people for granted for over 50 years.

No one knows what happens when someone walks into the voting booth. But if I were a Democrat, I wouldn’t sleep too soundly on Nov 4. If this coalition is any indication, things could be changing for Democrats. If the Republicans step in the void with real solutions, they might change the vote for decades.

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