Ebola: The Big Government Lie

Are you still wondering when is the right time to worry about Ebola? Depending on where you live, you may be too late.

Just like the HOT mic incident, where one “journalist” at the White House briefing declared “We’re screwed!,” we very well may already be.

It has been confirmed that a second health care worker that helped Thomas Duncan has contracted Ebola. Further, the infected person had taken a flight, before knowing he or she was a carrier.

But don’t worry, because as the CDC reports, it’s all in the fluids:

What this case further illustrates … is Ebola comes from [contact with] body fluids of a symptomatic Ebola victim. That’s how [two health care workers] contracted the disease and that’s how Eric Duncan contracted the disease.

More good news:

WHO reported that new Ebola cases may rise by 10,000 a week globally by December.

The Ebola virus is killing 70% of the people who contract the disease.

Currently with 8,914 suspected or confirmed Ebola cases, and only 4,447 deaths from the disease, the mortality rate appears to be approaching 50 percent. You willing to roll the dice?


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