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Mark this day: Ebola pandemic begins

Where will Obama be when the Ebola pandemic spreads in America?

Oh, it’s coming; just follow the cookie crumbs.

About a week ago, Obama sent 2,000 “boots on the ground” to combat Ebola. We know Obama’s war record, so that should have raised enough flags to evacuate most major cities.

The next clue was Obama saying that it was unlikely that Ebola would hit our shores.

In political-speak, that meant Ebola was already in America, shopping in LA and looking for a condo.

Sure enough, we were told that Ebola has indeed arrived, and there was one isolated case in Texas. And if you believed that, then you likely could be convinced that Rosie O’Donnell once modeled for Victoria’s Secret.

One isolated case is now 80 confirmed cases.

Obama bragged that the US has an advantage over other nations, and that is our Centers for Disease Control, and of course our healthcare system.

But the biggest thing we have going for us is Obama. What a leader this guy is! Leave no man behind.

So what a few people died in Benghazi, border agent killed near Mexico, a DEA agent killed in Colombia, and the untold number of military men and women who have died on his watch. Obama does have his foreign policy wins and this tremendous economy that thoroughly showcase his leadership.

We can all feel safe! But just in case, you might look into getting a bug-out plan!

Real-talk: When you hear that Malia and Sasha are out of school, get your kids out immediately and run for the hills!

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