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Ebola treatment can be racist?

Ebola has claimed its first victim, and he is black. You’d think that ObamaCare would prevent black people from dying, right?

Eric Duncan is dead of Ebola, and the rumors of racism have  begun. The other day I questioned why Jesse Jackson was in Texas with the mother of now deceased Ebola victim Eric Duncan, and I now have my answer.

It makes no sense that the hospital who treated a man who carried Ebola with him from Africa would be declared racist, unless you are a race pimp. America is fortunate to have Jesse Jackson to create racism where none could possibly exist, though Obama’s economy has made it hard out there for a pimp.


Some of Duncan’s family members, including his fiancee Louise Troh who lives in Dallas and is now under quarantine for Ebola monitoring, questioned if he was getting the same level of hospitalization as American missionaries who survived after becoming infected in West Africa and getting treatment in the United States.

“I trust a thorough examination will take place regarding all aspects of his care,” said Troh.

American hospitals are not used to spotting Ebola. The flu, yes, even sickle cell. But NOT Ebola. A man coming from Liberia who is in the midst of a massive Ebola outbreak, and nobody told the hospital that the man was a potential carrier?

Notwithstanding, the person responsible for this potential pandemic is Barack Obama, who should have never let Duncan in the country.

The hospital defended itself against allegations of racism in their treatment of Duncan.

“A team of more than 50 people cared for him in a professional and compassionate manner,” Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said in a written statement. “An entire 24-bed intensive care unit was secured and dedicated to Mr. Duncan’s care.”

I wonder if Jackson believes Duncan would have gotten better treatment in Liberia? Too bad Eric Holder is leaving soon, as who will investigate these potentially racist acts by nurses and doctors. Selective Ebola even in the time of ObamaCare?


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