Egypt rolls out ObamaCare

If you want to see how ObamaCare works, then look at what happened recently in Egypt.

Having babies should be routine, given that over 13 billion of them have been born since the beginning of time.

It’s not like the little crumb-snatchers sneak up on a woman. She gets roughly nine months to adjust, and we all know what happens when the contractions come and the water breaks.

Off to the hospital for the mostly routine delivery.

A story out of Cairo reports that there is video that shows a woman giving birth on an Egyptian hospital’s doorstep. The woman supposedly was not admitted to the hospital due to overcrowded and understaffed hospitals. Welcome to what America can expect soon.

The woman’s husband, Ahmed Musa Abdel Fattah, was quoted by the website of state-run newspaper Al-Ahram as saying the couple were turned away by hospital staff who told them the only doctor was busy performing a Caesarean section on another woman.

This is in a country with 1/4 the population of America.

“When hospitals let women give birth in the street, it raises questions of government negligence, no matter how much the government flaunts its commitment to women’s rights,” one Egyptian said on a Facebook page dedicated to the incident.

The World Health Organisation said last year the main shortcomings of the Egyptian healthcare system were high out-of-pocket expenses required from patients and low government spending, which put care out of the reach of the very poor and left clinics unable to hire staff to treat those who can pay.

The government has promised to improve services. Now where have I heard that?

The hospital denies the event happened as the video shows. I’m guessing former VA Chief Shinseki has landed his new job?

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