Has Ferguson backfired on Democrats?

Democrats are desperate to milk the death of Michael Brown, Jr, implying that black teens are in danger from cops.

It may be backfiring.

Executive Director of The Black Sphere, Kevin Jackson warned on multiple media outlets that the days of Democrats ringing Pavlov’s bell on phony cries of racism will end soon, and that ominous (and welcomed) warning is approaching.

Residents of Ferguson are turning on Democrats!

Consider the power structure in Missouri, as Democrat Governor Jay Nixon is the top law-enforcement officer in the land. After that, all the faces involved in Ferguson are black, namely Lacy Clay, Jamilah Nasheed, and so on.

The residents state that they’ll be demonstrating their rage on November 4th, not with another Michael Brown protest, but with their vote in the voting booth.  They plan to vote against the Democratic Party.

As one Democrat resident stated:

“Just because they’ve got the D next to their name, that don’t mean nothing, The world is watching us right now. It’s time to send a message of our power.”

And one more:

“To this day, in seven or eight years, we haven’t seen any significant difference in the black community. In fact, it feels like it’s getting worse.”

The citizens are ticked off over the response to the shooting, Governor Nixon’s decision to keep on the controversial prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch, and how the party “allowed” their black country executive to lose to a white one in the August Primary.

Ok, the reasoning is flawed, but at least the outcome could be a win for the good guys!

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