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Guess who’s gone Hollywood

And here I thought they canceled the show about American Muslims in Hollywood, now THIS!

It turns out that Barack Obama’s beard is appearing a prime time TV role in Hollyweird.

People say that Valerie Jarrett pulls the strings in the Obama administration, so now she’s going to Hollywood to give advice to prime time lawyers. It’s a perk of her low-paying job to get to hobknob with the freaks and frauds of Tinseltown.

Valerie Jarrett made an appearance on the prime-time drama “The Good Wife,” which trucks in steamy affairs, dirty politics, and courtroom fireworks. This has all the makings of a real-life Chicago politics drama, which is why Jarrett plays herself.

Jarrett appeared in several scenes trying to convince the show’s main character, a Chicago lawyer named Alicia Florrick, played by Juliana Margulies to run for state’s attorney. Alicia, who’s married to the governor, has been battered by the political life and the scrutiny that comes with it. She insists that she won’t run (always a political lie), and Jarrett makes the case.

More women, she says, need “to step up” if they want to change the world.

The appearance might as well be a commercial for Obama and other hapless Liberal rubes who can’t cut it wouldn’t Hollyweird twisting the arm of the least common denominator, low-information voter.

In the episode, Alicia insists that she detests politics (nonsense, she detest not controlling it). Jarrett agrees with her (liar), saying she wouldn’t want a candidate who liked it.

“We need leaders who understand what it means to be a public servant,” she says.

Sure, Obama has been a fantastic servant, if you like servants who burn the house down, and collect on the owner’s insurance payout.

Keep in mind that Jarrett and Margulies hosted a cocktail fundraiser for Obama in NYC in 2012. And that’s why Hollyweird keeps on getting the funding.

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