Want a gun, give us your password

Social media is in bed with the Fed. But wanting your Facebook password to get a gun permit is going a bit too far.

But that’s what a town in NY state is trying.


We may have entered into a period in America where privacy is a thing of the past.

According to Political Outcast, here is what an applicant was sent, when he requested a gun permit:

“It is… a common practice to view social media as a means to identify and determine character of a pistol permit applicant, in addition to other investigatory methods,” the department’s spokesperson told the applicant. “Typically all we ask is that an applicant access their account during an interview.”

But if the police dept. gets the applicant’s login credentials as requested on the form, and the applicant does not change his password afterwards, the police and the court reviewing the application can theoretically access his Facebook account as much as they want.

“It is what it is,” the Chief of Police, Ron Boisvert, told gun rights advocate Robert Farago after Farago told him the request was unconstitutional.


“…If you decline – such information is no doubt handed up to the judge deciding yes or no on your application,” reported nyfirearms.com. “The question remains – How many people actually gave into this blatant violation of their rights when applying for a pistol permit?”

So your 4th Amendment rights are being trampled, so they can curtail your 2nd Amendment rights? Only in the America we have allowed to be re-created.

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