Hillary Clinton’s mouth is a dangerous weapon

I wish I could get a fraction of the money being spent on the Hillary Clinton for President 2016 campaign. Talk about a lot of wasted time, effort, and money!

I told you that Hillary Clinton will NOT be the nominee for the Democrat Party in the 2016 election. She keeps shooting off her mouth.

Here are Hillary’s statement about businesses not creating jobs, and her statement THREE DAYS LATER, walking her original statement back.


Hillary is a female Joe Biden. She is clumsy, because she is wholly unqualified. There is NO mistake in Hillary’s first statement. Like Barack “You didn’t build that” Obama and Elizabeth “Roads and Bridges” Warren, the Left believes that business is just there for social engineering. It’s the roads and bridges that make business successful, and who is responsible for roads and bridges: government.

Nice try for Hillary to attempt to demonize business, ergo capitalism for taking advantage of the best places for doing business. Capitalists at least play by the rules.

I am on record of saying Obama is the dumbest president in American history. I said this before he was awarded the presidency. I have also said that Hillary Clinton would be the second dumbest president in American history, but fortunately we won’t have to find out.

Hillary doesn’t need a weapon to shoot herself in the foot. He mouth is doing just fine.

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