Homeless migration to CO: Can you guess why?

Colorado planted the crop, and the buds are blooming.

It seems that homeless people are leaving their “homes,” traveling to Colorado where they can obtain pot legally.

No wonder Obama has the homeless vote, as they have the funds to travel and buy drugs.

According to this report,

“Colorado is seeing a significant increase in the number of homeless people arriving from Texas and the head of two homeless shelters said a big reason for the increase is homeless people wanting to smoke pot.

“At least 10 percent of our new out-of-state population is coming from Texas,” said Tom Luehrs, the St. Francis Center executive director. “People tell us is that they think they can get a job because marijuana is legal here.”

Apparently having a home is not a priority, but getting pot is. This reminds me of the study where they gave monkeys cocaine for a while, and fed them. Soon, the only stimulus the monkeys would respond to was the cocaine.

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