With Gov Pat Quinn’s record, I’d pull the race card too

Illinois Democrat Governor Pat Quinn has pulled the race card on billionaire businessman and gubernatorial challenger Republican Bruce Rauner.

If there were anybody who needs to draw attention from his dismal record, it’s Pat Quinn; a man who after only two years in office was voted “Nation’s most unpopular governor.”

But that depends on who you ask, right?

The “tax and spend” Liberal is an Illinois border state’s best friend! Quinn has been better for Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri than a Federal government Obama-certified currency printing press.

In 2011 Quinn raised the personal income tax from 3% to 5%, and the corporation profits tax 4.8% to 7%, figuring that the new taxes would generate $6.8 billion a year. This, they theorized would be enough to balance the annual budget, and reduce the state’s backlog of about $8.5 billion in unpaid bills. If only those companies and people would have stayed.

However businesses are leaving Illinois in record numbers, as they hastily flee to find tax asylum in sanctuary states. And Illinois citizens are in hot pursuit. When companies leave, revenues dry up, so as of December 2012, Illinois had the fifth highest unemployment rate in the United States.

During an annual budget address on February 22, 2012 to the Illinois Legislature, Quinn warned that the state’s financial system was nearing collapse.

According to the Civic Federation, Illinois is only able to remain solvent by not paying its bills on time, and in 2012 Illinois was downgraded to the lowest credit rating of any US state.

The Associated Press reported that Quinn feared Illinois was “on the verge of a financial meltdown because of pension systems eating up every new dollar and health care costs climbing through the roof.”  As of November 2012, unpaid pension obligations totaled $85 billion with a backlog of $8 billion, and by March 2013, Illinois public-employee pension liability reached $100 billion.

With a record like this, it’s no wonder Quinn went to DefCon 1 and pandered to blacks with this despicable ad:



What racist Pat Quinn wants black people to believe is a self-made man and billionaire entrepreneur is racist because he doesn’t have black people working for him.

Most businesses hire family and friends, ergo the people they know and trust. The same is true for black businesses, many of which have only black employees. Are those businesses racist as well?

Quinn wants people to overlook Rauner’s success, and focus on the imaginary specter of racism. Because in the politically correct world of the desperate Plutopians like Quinn, a man should not become a billionaire unless he follows the principles of fairness and equality, i.e. social engineering.

For Liberals, what they deem politically incorrect success is not success at all, and thus subject to ridicule. And it’s also a way to get the low information voter’s mind off the real success of Rauner and the very real failures of Quinn.

That might play in the Leftist bourgeois cocktail-sipping circuit, however in the real world, Rauner is entitled to make his money with whom he chooses.

Personally, I wish black people could publicly horse whip politicians like Quinn who pander. The very idea that Quinn believes this nonsense will work in the black community is the very definition of racist.

I can only hope that Rauner has a team who can showcase the real racist in this campaign, because it’s not him.

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