Is the KKK in charge of the Secret Service

So the reason former head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson went rogue on Obama was because of sequestration. Here I thought it was because the KKK fundraising has fallen off.

It certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed on this writer that the first black president has fired the first female head of the Secret Service.

{Racist Liberal mind-meld} I wonder if he would have done this if Pierson was black? {delay} BIG LAUGH!!

Pierson’s budget took a hit, as the agency asked for $846.7 million in salaries and expenses, but Congress approved  $822.6 million budget. At least now we know the price a Liberal white woman is willing to put on Obama’s head for protection!

I’m curious how the Left will frame this, given that a Liberal white woman appears to have put a hit out on Obama, and he ultimately ends up firing her. Put another way, America’s first black president fires the first woman head of the Secret Service.

Perhaps Obama will hire the head of the New Black Panther Party, if he can restrain him from killing cracka babies!

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