LeBron James vs Barack Obama

LeBron James is headed for a collision course with Barack Obama.

Doesn’t James know that when it comes to money, there is an amount that Obama deems enough?

I recently posed the question, “If the government can set a minimum wage, what prevents them from setting a maximum wage?”

While you ponder that, consider that the man who has befriended Warren Buffet in order to enter the world of the elites has a new mission. According to ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst, the Cavaliers star might lead a push to get rid of the salary cap when the collective bargaining agreement is renegotiated in 2017.


The NBA has gotten much fatter TV deal, and just fatter in general. So the players want a bigger chunk of that, I mean being how underpaid they are and all. So why shouldn’t all those ghetto-fabulous Leftist athletes not make $45 million a year, or $75 million, as Kobe thinks?

I’d like to get Obama’s take on this, since he has said that there is a limit to what you should be able to earn.

Right now, maximum NBA salaries are capped at 35% of the salary cap, so poor LeBron maxes out at about $20.6 million in 2014-2015. What a paltry sum, particularly when you consider MJ money back in the day.

Arturo Galletti of BoxScoreGeeks.com ran the numbers on Michael Jordan’s salaries in 1997 and 1998, and Jordan earned a whopping $33.1 million. That figure remains the highest single-season NBA salary ever.

When you consider the salary cap at that time was $26.9 million, and the average NBA team payroll was $32.7 million, that’s lot of cheddar.

But there was no maximum salary rule at the time, thus teams were allowed to go over the $26.9 million salary cap to re-sign their own free agents. New rule were established in response to this, in the spirit of fairness.

The NBA instituted these rules in order to protect owners who could not buy the best players, so they could field competitive teams which would ultimately save the NBA. But when it comes to Liberals and their selfishness, Liberals could not care less about others.

So while LeBron James schemes to make more money than God, he supports a man who believes there should be a limit to earnings. Anybody curious as to what Obama thinks that limit should be?

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