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Leftist says beheading is not terrorist tactic

In an effort to present the kinder side of beheading, Leftist Mark Lamont Hill said that people are beheaded for all kinds of reasons. Like beheadings are like drive-bys in black neighborhoods.

In other words, beheading is not just for terrorists.

Leftist pundit hacks like Hill need to make the obvious a lie, or they are unemployed. In this video Hill argues that racism is rampant, because he NEEDS racism to be rampant:

I don’t know what you think when you hear about a beheading, but I think “terrorist.”

When a non-terrorist cuts off a head, it’s generally done post-bullet-in-the-brain, i.e. post mortem. Take for example, Mafiosos.

I have seen Mafiosos use ice pick to the back of the head, the garrote, and a host of other implements, however I don’t think cutting the head off completely (and on camera) is the Mafia’s style. They only decapitate after the fact, as part of the “waste management” act.

But when it comes to filming the complete head removal, it’s hard to beat a Muslim jihadist.

Mexican drug cartel members cut off heads, but again, generally they kill the person completely first.

I’m not sure if Hill has become so desensitized to crime, that he sees beheading as the norm, but to try to act as if beheadings are the act of the disgruntled killer, that’s a stretch.


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