Lesbian Professor not so cocky now

A lesbian professor told students to bring it on, and one student took her to task.

The liberal community has been spoiled over the past several year , thinking the dikes of intimidation they’ve built  will suppress all opposition to their ideologies,

In other words, tolerance has been paved as one-way street, and thanks to judiciary activism the LGBTQ folks have gotten very cocky about it.

So, imagine this professor’s surprise when a student and judge took her to task on the syllabus statement:

“There’s controversy built right into the syllabus, and we can’t wait to hash out our differences.

Professor Caroline Hinckley teaches “Images of (Wo)men: From Icons to Iconoclasts.”

The class included several lesbian-based films and glorified the lesbian lifestyle.

When a student, Monica Pompeo, wrote an assigned critique that was clearly not supportive of the lesbian lifestyle, Hinckley rejected it without reading it in its entirety, and refused to grade it. Instead, Hinckley declared the piece, “”Hate Speech!” and told Monica that it would be in her best interest to drop the class.

Pompeo did drop the class. Then she brought action against the teacher for having to drop the class after an academic administrator concurred with Hinckley.

The university then tried to have the case dismissed.  However, Chief U.S. District Judge M. Christina Armijo said not so fast, and ruled as follows:

The violation in this case arises from the irreconcilable conflict between the all-views-are-welcome description of the forum and [the professor’s] only-those-views-with-which-I-personally-agree-are-acceptable implementation of the forum…university is imposing viewpoint-based discrimination in violation of the law.

Score one for the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech!  Thank you, Judge Armijo!


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