Let’s sue Liberals for being ugly

A Chinese man sued his wife for birthing ugly children. It turns out she lied to him, and he claimed fraud.

I immediately thought, “We can sue Liberals!”

Don’t laugh that off immediately! It hasn’t been tried, but I’m positive we have a case!

This Chinese man was awarded 120K for ONE ugly baby girl, so think of all we could get for ugly Liberal women!


We could pay off much of the national debt with the likes of Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar, Janet Napolitano!

Imagine what we could get if we bundled Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton!

In the Chinese man’s lawsuit he alleges that his children don’t look like him. He’s a Chinese Ken doll and he thought he married a Barbie. Turns out his wife had about $100,000 of plastic surgery, but her real look manifested itself in their children.

In other words, like Liberals, the woman perpetrated a fraud.

Look at how Liberals present each of their fraud. Hillary Clinton as presidential material? Negro please! Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to run a bake sale.

So like this Chinese man, America is the victim of fraud from the bottom to the top of the Obama administration. Liberalism is birthing ugly children, and Barack Obama may be the ugliest of them all.


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