Liberal Desperation and the War on Girls

It’s not bad enough that we teach 2nd-graders how to put a condom on a banana, because those sexually active 3rd-grade years are just around the corner.

But Liberals have no bounds when it comes to ruining America’s children.

In their continuing War on Women, Liberals have introduced the “F-bomb” to little girls.

In liberals’ demented mind, they see no issue with using 6 to 13 year old girls and have them speak in a vile manner to just make a point for a cause.  In fact, they see it as a very comedic way to deliver their message:


Just so we are clear, what the feminists are saying is girls shouldn’t be girls; but instead foul-mouth men.

Don’t we have enough men for that? Here I thought crass behavior was something to which one does not aspire.

The video is part of  the hate-site’s charity T-shirt fundraising effort, “benefiting five anti-sexism organizations and projects.” Yes, the capitalist-hating Left is capitalizing on their demeaning of little girls.

YouTube has taken the video down after a flurry of outraged people flooded their email box. However, I encourage you to voice your opinion at the following locations:



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