Liberals: Just a trillion more to save the world

Liberals will use every type of minority, perceived or created, in order to better their cause.

They use, black people, illegals, babies, old people, LGBTQs, even animals (yes, jihadists), to further their agenda. Just recently Wendy Davis of Utopia-Texas pulled a stunt with lot of handicapped people, after she put her foot in her mouth about her crippled competitor, Bruce Abbott.

Now the Democrats are standing up for Ebola! Check out the video made for the DNC that declares Republican Cuts Kill.

The Agenda Project Action Fund created the blame-it-on-Republicans video. I’m not sure how Republican cuts jives with Obama not allowing planes to come in from Ebola-stricken countries, but I have been accused of being logical and level-headed.

According to their mission statement:

It’s a progressive policy organization dedicated to ensuring that public officials – and the policies they implement – serve regular Americans.  It has done campaigns such as F*ck Tea, Hate Begets Hate, Vote Sanity, and Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength.

Interspersed with haunting images of body bags, hazmat suits, and corpses of Ebola victims, viewers are shown clips of Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, Rand Paul, and other Republicans wanting to cut the budget:  “Cut”, Ebola patient, “Cut”, Ebola patient, “Cut”, Ebola patient, “Cut”, Ebola patient, “Cut”, Ebola patient, “Cut”, Ebola patient ad nauseam.

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