The NFL is back being NOT Gay

I called it, when I said the social engineering experiment known as Michael Sam would not play a single down of REAL football. And he won’t

The Rams drafted Sam late in the seventh round of the NFL draft in May, the first publicity stunt. The former SEC defensive player of the year at Missouri was pick No. 249 out of 256. The Rams rightfully cut Sam, whereby the Cowboys picked him up.


I don’t know what Jerry Jones got for putting Sam on the practice squad for the Cowboys, likely a pending Nobel Peace Prize, but the expiration date has hit. Sam was signed to Dallas’ practice squad on Sept. 3, four days after he was cut by the St. Louis Rams at the end of the preseason. It was said that Dallas was desperate for linebacker talent, though I know this stunt had nothing to do with Sam’s talent.

Now the Dallas Cowboys have released Michael Sam from the practice squad, and it had to happen.And for those who still believe Dallas was desperate for linebackers, they should know that while releasing Sam on Tuesday, the Cowboys added linebacker Troy Davis of Central Florida and defensive tackle Ken Bishop of Northern Illinois to their practice squad. I’m guessing both of these men are NOT Gay.

I wasn’t cheering against Sams per se, but I was cheering against his entry into the league and all the hoopla surrounding his gayness. Who can forget that spectacle of “The Kiss” that has Gustav Klimpt rolling over in his grave.

So the gay movement needs another gridiron hero. Needless to say, the LGBTQs will be anxiously awaiting the first gay football player who actually PLAYS in the NFL.


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