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Since when does the second in command not want the top spot?

Try to imagine the pile of excrement Deputy Attorney General James Cole, would inherit if he stepped into Holder’s spot? And that’s why Cole is retiring.

As Obama and {ahem} Al Sharpton conspire to put another racist in charge of the Department of Injustice, they can remove the name of second-in-command Cole. He’s “retiring.”

I imagine the discussion went something like this:

“With Eric stepping down, you have the job.”

“But I don’t want it!”

“What do you mean, ‘I don’t want it!’, it’s YOURS!”

“Then I quit!”

Here Cole is in one of his less-finest moments.

There are some jobs that you don’t want regardless of the money. I’d be curious to find out why a government official, usually lifers, would turn down a promotion.

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