Obama: Where da white women at

Either white Democrat women are not buying the War on Women that Obama is selling or they have suddenly become racist!

Hillary Clinton got out while the gitting was good, as my grandfather said. Hillary isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but she knew to get far away from Obama, who has gone nuclear.

But Hillary isn’t the only white woman to go missing on Obama.

KY Senate candidate Alison Grimes turned her back on America’s first black president. As Howard Kurtz put it:

Grimes is desperate to avoid being tied to Obama. Unless there’s another explanation—like she didn’t vote at all—she could have said that of course she supported Obama, she’s a Democrat, however she’s disappointed in him, disagrees on a bunch of issues, yadda yadda yadda. Non-story.

Grimes won’t have Obama visit KY, but asked for Bill Clinton to stump with her.

The next racist defector was Michelle Nunn who is running ads where she’s shooting guns, and calling Obama a lame-duck. In other words, Nunn is doing her best to act like a Conservative Republican.

The most recent inductee into the “White Liberal Women Who Are Now Racist” sorority is West Virginia senatorial candidate Natalie Tennant.

Last week, during a candidates’ forum hosted by the Charleston Daily Mail, not only did Tennant refuse to say she voted for Obama, she actually talked smack about the man.

What’s his name again? How do you spell it. I’m not sure who that is? You say he’s the president…and he’s black. I think I voted for the white dude!

Ok here is what Tennant actually said of her vote:

“And I voted for the Democratic Party. But I’m as angry as everyone else is about Barack Obama and his attitude toward West Virginia. His attitude toward coal.”


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