Obama: Menace to society…especially Democrats

If Obama weren’t president, he would be on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List or worse yet: The Black List.

Obama is putting off key decisions until after the election. That’s because his decision have a way of kicking America squarely in the naughty bits. The man is a menace.

Obama knows his decisions suck. And when you know you are incompetent, the best thing to do is delay people knowing just how much. One source writes:

With Obama’s own approval ratings sagging, the White House is wary of making any bold moves now that could become a litmus test for candidates, forcing Democrats across the country either to disagree with the president publicly or embrace him — and risk the fallout from voters. By holding off for a few more months, the White House hopes to prevent those moves from being used against Democrats in television ads and on the campaign trail.

What’s more pathetic is the Democrats are NOT even hiding this strategy. They admit (you’ve seen the poll numbers) that Obama’s policies are beyond pathetic, so they prefer that he wait to showcase his nuttiness until after the election. After which, Democrats will be free to support his nonsense agenda!

On the docket, replacing the attorney general.


We all know that Obama will replace one America-hating, incompetent, black nationalist attorney general with another equally vile Liberal. I predict however, the attorney general will be white. This is because the fallout from the black one is so bad, Obama must bring in a scapegoat.

The next attorney general will be a “guilter;” a guilty white uber-Liberal who has been trained to see black as less, ergo in need of LOTS more “gubment” help.

To be blunt, the Democrats know that Obama’s choice for attorney general won’t help them, ergo the choice will not be good for America. So please delay it!

Another choice Obama is delaying for obvious reasons is immigration. Obama knows that allowing illegals amnesty is wildly unpopular, and should have a name like “MexiCare.” Obama wants to make unconstitutional moves, and for purely political reasons. They have thrown guns at Mexico, and “children” at Americans all in an attempt to wreak havoc on the border and create an outcry for amnesty. The only people crying out are the illegals already here, and the Democrats want that voting bloc. Obama’s only regret was not getting them legal for the Election of 2014. But he will try America’s patience on this issue, as the Dems are counting on 20M illegal voters in 2016.

Obama’s biggest albatross remains his namesake ObamaCare. The effects on employers has been horrendous, and it will get worse. If the polls continue in their trajectory, Obama will have only one alternative, and that is to continue to thwart Congress, a Congress that very likely will be completely controlled by the Republicans.

Pelosi said Democrats would run on ObamaCare, but that beasts is as rare as the proverbial black Republican.

Obama’s policies are so insane, it’s amazing that we aren’t discussing having the man committed.


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