Obama to revamp Indian schools LOL

When the Fed expands beyond it’s constitutional function it fails. And despite the evidence, Liberals (communists) want government to have more and more money and power.

If you want to know why black schools are so bad, just look at the Indians. Most people don’t know that despite Indians having their own land and sovereignty, the Fed still has dominion over reservation schools. Couldn’t run the risk of not indoctrinating Indians properly.

So it should be no surprise that federally-owned schools for Indian¬†on reservations are among the nation’s lowest performing.

Here he comes to save the day!

With the Liberals track record in those “black reservation” {ahem…ghetto} schools, you’d think Obama would for once not meddle. Yet, the Obama administration is pushing ahead with an improvement plan.

If you guessed Common Core, then you’d be wrong.

The new experiment with Indians will be to give the tribes more control. Lord knows, the Fed has done nothing for Indians when it comes to education, so why not allow the people to control their own destiny, very much unlike Common Core.

The Fed’s legacy with the Indian schools is disproportionate dropout rates and little learning. Indians are at the bottom with blacks when it comes to domestic abuse, drug abuse, drop out rates, unemployment, and so on. The only difference is the Indians own their reservations; blacks didn’t get the deeds to the plantations.

Indian schools are rundown classroom buildings containing asbestos, radon, mice and mold. The Fed should be proud.

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