ObamaCare deems FUN a liability

You’d think in the time of ObamaCare, that protecting us from ourselves would be as outdated as platform shoes. But ObamaCare must now go into protection mode for itself.

Further, as we all know; the Left will not rest until everyone in America dies of natural causes.

Long ago playgrounds went from concrete jungle gyms to the rubberized floors. They replaced the metal equipment with the more durable plastic, even though that didn’t prevent your children from getting third-degree burns going down the slide in the summer.


But now swings are under fire.

One Washington school district says it plans to remove swing from Richland schools, because their insurance premiums are too high. Swings are a liability. Put another way, FUN is a liability.

According to the school district, swings are to blame for the most injuries of any play equipment.  So, the district has already removed them from some campuses and will phase them out of the rest.

Keep in mind that today it’s swings, but America will see this creep go from the playground to all other aspects of life. Nobody will admit that this is because of ObamaCare, but it is. ObamaCare must now protect itself, in order for the profits from this nonsense to get into the pockets of bureaucrats.

Soon walking will be outlawed, particularly in black neighborhoods. You think there is profiling with cops, wait until the insurance actuaries are finished with the gen-pop. They will deem anything that happens to you, YOUR FAULT, and therefore not covered under ObamaCare.

America, welcome to the Old Negro Spiritual…Swing low, sweet chariot!

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