ObamaCare: ingenious way to get the numbers up

There’s a new rumor floating around about Ebola and that’s why it’s gotten the nickname “Obola.”

The sad part about this rumor is that with this racist-against-anything-not-black, Liberal government, the rumor is not tin-foil-hat wearing whack job conspiracy theory, but entirely plausible.

Yes, Ebola is a weapon of fear and could be used to get people to sign up for ObamaCare! One can see the ads now.

For those of you we haven’t forced into ObamaCare yet, understand that when you contract Obola, we won’t treat you unless you are in one of our magnificent ObamaCare plans!”

Or how about, “Don’t like ObamaCare, then you won’t get ObolaCare!”

You have to know that Obama’s crackhead team of marketeers are trying to figure out how to not let this crisis go to waste. Those government propeller-heads are doing all they can to put lipstick on this diplomatic and potential national security snafu.


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