More land for Mexico?

While we were paying attention to the latest crises such as Ebola and ISIL, Obama got his pen out again to add to his ever growing list of abuses of power.

This time he’s giving his California conservationist cronies a gift:  350,000 acres of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Prior to that Obama declared half a million acres in New Mexico protected lands to help some big rocks, antelopes, mountain lions and falcons.

Obama then exiled nearly 500,000 square miles near the remote Pacific Islands, cutting off fishing and energy exploration in that region. Don’t worry Pacific Islands, solar is on the way.

Millions of acres of land are now declared “national monuments.”

Obama is abusing the Antiquities Act, created by Teddy Roosevelt in 1906 because people were stealing Indian artifacts from prehistoric ruins.  The intent was for the  “protection of objects of historic and scientific interest,” and not how it is being misconstrued today.

Obama has used it thirteen times so far, and he’s said he’s not finished yet.

As with any act that has given one man power to go over Congress’ head, it is being abused by this President to promote his agenda and keep his friends happy.  Its easier for him to write a proclamation declaring whatever land as a National Monument, rather than go through Congress to get National Park status.

Of course, a Democrat like Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) would rather ignore that fact and blame the Republicans for making the President get the land that way.

“House Republicans, who have been openly hostile to the preservation of public lands, ignore the overwhelming community support for these monuments,” DeFazio said in a statement.  If Congress actually did its job and passed good conservation bills that incorporated years of local input, presidential designations wouldn’t be our only option.”

Ever seen what Leftists do to the land? For the record, Obama is America’s national disaster.






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