A parrot Obama would LOVE

 This is a bird story worthy of a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

A bilingual parrot! Obama said that we should learn to speak Spanish, and I’ll be danged if this parrot didn’t take dude up on the offer!

The story is the owner of a parrot that spoke English with a British accent said the bird went missing for four years. When the bird returned, it spoke Spanish and asked for somebody named Larry.


Darren Chick told the Daily Breeze newspaper that he doesn’t know where African grey parrot and very British Nigel had been for four years, but aside from the language switch, the bird is “muy bien.”

“He’s doing perfect…It’s really weird, I knew it was him from the minute I saw him.”

Nigel was discovered in the back yard of a Torrance couple who run a dog grooming business and originally was thought to belong to Teresa Micco, who had placed an ad for her own missing parrot. It turns out, Nigel wasn’t her bird.

Realizing this, Micco was able to trace Nigel because of the original sales receipt, and found out that Nigel belonged to Chick.

Chick was shocked to get his lost bird back after so much time had passed. And even better news is Nigel will be able to translate Spanish for Chick, once Obama legalizes more Mexican banditos.

Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin, Nigel speaks Spanish, and Obama still only speaks Austrian!


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