Pirate sword mistaken for gun and hilarity ensues

Liberals see guns in everything; cloud formations, toast, tree shapes, you name it. Liberals are obsessed with guns, except removing them from the hands of criminals.

So it never surprises me to see a story about a Liberal “kaniptian” over a gun in a school. And Liberals didn’t disappoint on International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day.

As a celebration of a day that must have been for America’s first black president, a true pirate who has stolen TRILLIONS from the U.S. Treasure, a school decided to have fun.  One teacher went full-bore, pardon the gun reference, and dressed as Obama himself.

Unfortunately, cafeteria workers freaked out when they thought a fake plastic sword was a gun, and contacted the principal in a panic.


Result: Four schools on lockdown, police scouring the buildings with their K-9 units.

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