Politics of Black is changing in Chicago

Paul McKinley is as real as it gets. He was the first ex-con to ever become a viable Congressional candidate, as he ran for Jesse Jackson, Jr’s seat as a Republican.

You’d think the Republicans would have embraced a street-wise man, who figured out that voting Democrat is killing black people.

I had the honor of working with Paul during his campaign, and he is as raw as it gets. We didn’t agree 100 percent, but I found him endearing. And if there is a guy I would want with me in a scrape it is he.

Paul has the unique distinction of having the most blacks attend a Republican event, since I began following politics. He had an event where there were Nation of Islam members, New Black Panther Party members, young black men and women, and die-hard Democrats, all of whom said this would be he first election where they would vote Republican.

Paul is street “straight up;” and he is as real as it gets. The Republicans would do well to embrace this man, clone him and set him loose in every American urban indoctrination center.