Pot marketing goes Madison Avenue

Pot can’t be smoked with style. A toker can’t help but look like an epileptic, when trying to keep the smoke in their lung.

And that’s not all that’s bad about pot.

Even though pot is legal in some states, to obtain it still has the stigma of picking up a prostitute in a back alley deal.


As this report suggests:

Step into a Colorado pot dispensary at random, and you’ll long for the luxuries of the D.M.V.

Metal bars cover windows. Vinyl signs are tacked to walls. Guys in hoodie sweatshirts greet you from behind the counter. Even the act of ordering the product itself is borderline absurd. What grown adult can respectfully walk into a store and ask for an eighth of Green Krack and a nub of Big Buddha Cheese, please?

But that experience is changing, thanks to a new breed of entrepreneur in Colorado — young, ambitious and often female — that is trying to reach a more sophisticated clientele in everything from language to packaging to social events.

“We’re weeding out the stoners,” said Olivia Mannix, the 25-year-old co-founder of a start-up called Cannabrand, an advertising agency devoted exclusively to marketing marijuana. “We want to show the world that normal, professional, successful people consume cannabis.”

That’s right. Pot is about to get a woman’s touch. I’m curious how these ladies plan on marketing the stench of that nasty herb. Febreze?

No matter how sexy these ladies try to make the look of an epileptic fit, the stench of body odor will be a difficult sell.

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