Why Obama didn’t make this pre-election move

I have irrefutable proof that Obama hates the military, and it’s not just the “coffee salute.”

Talk about an election year “October surprise,” imagine if Obama got United States Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi out of that Mexican hell-hole just in time for the election.

Let’s face it; the trajectory for Obama is not good. He has not been asked in a single hotly contested Senate race, because Obama is politically radioactive.

The only thing that make sense is that which most of us have believed for some time: Obama doesn’t give a crap about our military.

And Obama’s do-nothing Liberal-controlled Congress is doing nothing as well, as only 18 percent of Congressmen have signed on to get him back, most of those being Republican.

Out of the current makeup of 233 Republicans and 205 Democrats in the House, the number of co-sponsors to Representative Poe’s resolution sits at a measly 81:  68R, 18D.

The Daily Caller reports Vietnam veterans Terry Sharpe and Allen Brown marched from North Carolina to Washington, D.C., in September in order to raise awareness for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico. Despite being totally rebuffed by the White House on their first attempt, Sharpe and Brown are back at it.   And according to the Free Beacon, the pair have decided to once again walk from Sharpe’s home to the nation’s capitol, but this time they’re seeking a new audience for their plea.  

Sharpe and Brown aim to persuade House Democrats to join Republicans in calling for the sergeant’s release.  Sharpe and Brown attended a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Tahmooressi in September, yet Sharpe claims that only two Democrats attended the hearing; Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared, but left just after having her picture taken with Sgt. Tahmooressi’s mother, a Florida resident.

Who does this? What kind of politics is preventing something that should be so easy to make happen?

If there were any reason to vote the scoundrels out, this is certainly it. This is one issue Obama is not holding off on until after the election because it’s bad news for America. He just doesn’t like the military, and this is his way to piss us off.

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