Something else we can bring from Mexico

Liberals won’t tell you about Mexico’s problems that are slowly being imported into America.

Most of Mexico is squalor, a depressing place to live. It’s difficult to make a living; and Mexico is corrupt and run by just a handful of people. Piss off the wrong people, and you can be killed.

If you think black people in America have a cop problem, I will go you one better.


As this story showcases,

Authorities examining a clandestine mass grave have found the bodies too badly burned to determine quickly whether they are among 43 students unaccounted for following a deadly clash between police and protesters a week ago, a lawyer for families of the missing said Sunday.

Attorney Vidulfo Rosales told The Associated Press that officials also had not determined how many bodies are in the six burial pits discovered on a hillside on the outskirts of Iguala, a city in southern Mexico where a series of violent incidents last weekend resulted in six shooting deaths and more than two dozen people injured.

Rosales said relatives of 37 of the missing young people already had provided DNA samples that will be used to determine if the recovered remains belong to any of the students.

Supposedly, Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission is investigating this for possible “serious human rights abuses,” such as extrajudicial executions and forced disappearances by Iguala city police. I find it interesting uncovering a clandestine mass grave with burned bodies doesn’t take this investigation from possible to undoubtedly?

The say that things in the Guerrero area, is delicate, give the poverty which feeds social unrest, and the drug gangs that clash within the territory. Sounds like Mexico and America’s black neighborhoods suffer from the same malady.

At least in America we don’t expect to see mass graves of black teens, with the cops as suspects. However, with Obama’s (and the rest of the Left’s) proposed immigration policy, mass graves might be sooner than we think.



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