Taboo: Religion, Sex, and Politics

I grew up with people telling me the things I was not supposed to discuss. The taboos for conversation: sex, religion, and politics.

Not discussing these things is what has gotten Christian Conservatives in trouble.

I remember hearing former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, and NFL Hall of Famer Roger Staubach discuss sex, and it affected me profoundly.

Roger said in an interview,

“I love sex as much as Joe Namath…I just love it with the same woman!”

Roger was speaking of his wife, of course.

The point Roger was making is that Christian Conservatives are not square; we just have morals!

Which bring me to religion.

I wrote about religion recently, so I will be brief. The church is open to everybody. The church accepts all sinners. The church is not a social experiment, but the word of God, which is unchanging.

Church is not the place you go for your personal indulgences. It is the place for you to reconcile the changes you need to make in your life, because you know that you are an unrighteous person. Religion is for everybody, and accepts everybody willing to take step one in Life Rehab: admit there is a problem.

Finally, how could we avoid talking politics these days. Have you been headed to an event, and your spouse say, “Now let’s not discuss politics!”?

Do you find yourself biting your tongue when people talk politics in public? I know I hear a lot more discussions of politics in public by the Left. They feel they have license to say what they want, almost daring us to mention our point of view.

That’s why I do it.

If I’m at the airport watching CNN, I declare openly that I disagree with them, when I do. I want people to know that I stand for righteousness, without bias of color, gender, and so on. I do this to stir some of the conservatives lurking about, eavesdropping. They need to know that there are warriors who don’t care what others thing.

More so  however, I do this to put Liberals on TILT. When I’m vocal about politics, I want Liberals thinking

“I thought black people were Democrats!”

I want them biting their tongues, publicly.

So speak of the taboo subjects where you can, when you can. That’s how we will win back the culture.

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