Tea Party hits Hong Kong

Have you noticed the lack of media coverage of the protests in Hong Kong?

The Chinese are fighting for the right to VOTE, and the Leftist media has said nary a word. Typically when people in a communist country are fighting for FREEDOM, the media is all over it.

Tension has been escalating in the Hong Kong all summer, after Beijing released a controversial plan for the 2017 elections. The plan would allow for universal suffrage in three year’s time, but would restrict candidates to those approved by a committee that opposition politicians say is dominated by pro-Beijing representatives. Sound familiar?


America’s Tea Party movement is under fire for the very same reasons. We have tired of the parties telling us who we should vote for, then using our tax dollars to finance people who represent the government and not the people. I recently asked the question of my radio listeners, do you think Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tiger Woods or other gifted athletes if they would retain an agent who didn’t listen to them, kept almost all of their money, and acted like they were the stars? That’s exactly what taxpaying Americans are up against.

Thus the problem with power; few politicians are willing to give power to the people.

So China’s biggest threat is not from America or some external power. Their threat is the same threat that all malevolent governments feel: the people.

The U.S. government is no different than the Chinese. The U.S. government just uses more finesse. The Chinese government is in Stage One of quelling an insurrection.

When American media does happen to glance far east, they call this situation an Occupy movement. I read the following to describe the events:

In response, pro-democracy groups Occupy Central and student-led Scholarism have threatened civil disobedience that could shut down the city.

Leave it to the media to refer to this as a burned-out Leftist movement from the United States, and then try to tie it to wackademia. This is Tea Party, as the people want to have a voice in their lives. This is not a group of bourgeois disgruntled collegiates who want government to provide more of something for nothing.

The Fed didn’t crack down on Occupy, as those losers got away with murder…seriously. The only cracking down on movements has been the U.S. government’s attempt to squash the Tea Party movement by intentionally making rallies difficult, or using the IRS and other government agencies to intimidate Conservatives.

Because all good agents intimidate their clients, right?

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