Detroit officially Third-World status

Detroit is officially a Third-World nation, according to the United Nations, and here’s why.

Recently the bankrupt city of Detroit started clamping down on unpaid water bills, giving out hundreds of notices. This has black people in Detroit upset, as they believe water is a basic human right.

They are correct.

Last August, the city said it was scheduled to deny service to 420 customers, after filing the nation’s largest-ever municipal bankruptcy in 2013. Detroit has struggled to manage basic services, as currently about  45 percent of the city’s 173,000 residential water accounts are unpaid; while only 15 percent have negotiated payment plans with the city.


So if they want to get off their butts and take a couple of 5-gallon buckets to the nearest water source, haul them back, then boil the water, it’s all theirs. Until then however, when the taxpayers have funded the water infrastructure and the costs to build and maintain the system, pay your freaking bills.

We all know it’s a tough economy, and it’s the fault of the Head Negro in Charge. Yet at the invitation of the NAACP and the ACLU, the United Nations has sent two warriors to observe the poor parched people in bankrupt Detroit.

The NAACP and ACLU of Michigan  sent a letter that to the U.N.  stating that

“..the shutoffs are unjustified because many of those affected can’t afford to pay their bills…it disproportionately affects Detroit’s African-American residents.”

Couldn’t the same rationale be used to impeach Obama?!

What else will these freeloaders protest; the electric company, sewer, trash pickup, phone company, cable TV, Apple Computer, GM, their manicurists, their hair stylists, their bookies or their travel agents!?

One thing they will certainly protest is the American taxpayer for paying 95 percent of housing and food for America’s “poor.”

Liberals are the same no matter what. The unions won’t concede as they would rather a company shut down, than they give way. Detroit citizens are content to watch Detroit fail, before they are willing to pitch in and pull their own weight.

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