Unemployment: the elephant in the room

The media has been running “feel good” unemployment stories since Obama came on the scene.

  • Unemployed: use this time to connect with the family!

  • Unemployment can be wonderful!

  • So what you don’t have a job, at least we have Obama!


But now the media has shifted to the understanding that people WANT TO WORK! So many of their articles are around things like

  • How to keep the job you have
  • Adjusting your attitude about that crappy job
  • Taking a few steps backwards in a job isn’t so bad

And there has been a ton of information on how to interview, the latest being an homage to Obama’s inability to create jobs.

In one article I read they discuss the “hulking elephant in the conference room.” That elephant is the gaping hole in your work history.

Maybe your break from the workforce was intentional. You wanted to travel, try a new hobby or just hang out. Or maybe the break was unintentional, but at one point you didn’t worry too much about finding a new job. Whatever the case, now you have to explain the stint and why it shouldn’t concern employers. Here’s your plan for acknowledging — and perhaps even celebrating — the elephant in the room:

And here I thought everybody had the built-in excuse that America had a do-nothing president who made promises of a recovery that never happened.

The elephant in the room is a JACKASS. Blame your unemployment on Barack Obama.

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