Union leaders gamble, workers lose

Once again, the Big Union Bosses would rather see a company shut down rather than take pay cut.

One of seven of Trump’s bankrupt casinos, the Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal casino  received court approval to have its labor agreement broken in order to save it.  In doing so, $14.6 million will be trimmed from union pensions and healthcare costs.

Trump Entertainment offered to move employees to new 401k savings plans and increase pay by $2,000 annually to help defray their health insurance costs.

The union heads. supposedly speaking for the casino union members immediately rejected the offer and, as usual, are planning to picket the casino.

Must be nice to be a blood ducking leech only concerned about themselves, because in the Obama economy, you’d think they would be happy to have JOBS!

That’s one thing they are good at: Protests and Pickets.  Union bosses recently had  hundreds of workers already protest in which they blocked traffic in the city.  Ten people were arrested.

Ironically, part of union members forced donations are spent  getting lawbreakers out of jail.

The rescue plan also stipulates that Carl Ichan will invest a $100 million to save the Taj Mahal, if it is able to make the cost cuts. However, the plan is also contingent on the required tax concessions by the city and state, and politicians have refused to endorse that.

I hope the deal falls through and those hotels end up boarded up. It will look like much of New Jersey, since Liberals have been running things.

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