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Wackademia: Breeding ground for Ebola

Foreign exchange students are scattered throughout the United States school systems, and many are from African countries where Ebola is a real threat.

Penn State just cleared 8o such students after a 21-day monitoring period. They are students were spread among all of Penn State’s many campuses.

The Fed can’t keep track of a homeless man who was part of the group being watched in Texas, where there was one bona fide case, and that carrier has now died. Thankfully, they managed to find the missing homeless man, but we are still awaiting the update. Stay tuned…

There are over thousands of foreign student residing in America, traveling back and forth to their Ebola-infested countries. I know personally of a student from Senegal who came to the U.S. to teach French, and promptly disappeared after her semester was finished.


There is no accurate count of these students, and there is no way the government can convince me that they have things under control. And let’s face it, if there is a petri dish of infection, college is it.

Holy Sandra Fluke, college kids exchange bodily fluids routinely, and all it takes is one. We know there are radical Muslims lurking in our midst, hiding as “students.” Many are waiting on what Obama called the most beautiful sound he ever heard, the Muslim call to prayer, which could be a call to biological jihad.

I won’t be fooled. I know something will happen soon, because the government is working hard to tell me otherwise.


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