Wendy Davis: The Michael Vick of the Disabled

By now you’ve likely heard of Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis’ campaign ad excoriating her opponent who is in a wheelchair. Most Americans thought that not even Leftists would not sink to attacking a man left disabled when a tree fall on him.

But Wendy will!

I can hear it now. “I’m Wendy Davis, and I’d like to welcome you to the Push-Wheel-Chair-Bound-Greg Abbott-Off the Mountain-to-Celebrate-ObamaCare Marathon!”

You know your actions are bad when MSNBC can’t defend it:

Wendy Davis must not care about the handicap vote, because she likely lost it.

Soon you will see Davis at events for the handicap, discussing how to put more teeth in the Americans with Disabilities Act. She will become champion of the cripples, sort of like Michael Vick post dog fighting mea culpa.

“I love dogs, and now I no longer fight them to show them how much I love them.”

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